TTS/IEC CISPR 14-1:2007

Electromagnetic Compatibility - Requirements for Household Appliances, Electric Tools and Similar Apparatus - Part 1: Emissions

Subject Area Telecommunications
Year of Declaration 2007
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 33.100.10
Stage Withdrawn
Number of Pages 145
Price TT $3740.00

Scope of this Standard

This standard applies to the conduction and the radiation of radio-frequency disturbances from appliances whose main functions are performed by motors and switching or regulating devices, unless the r.f.. energy is intentionally generated or intended for illumination. It includes such equipment as: household electrical appliances, electrical tools, regulating controls using semiconductor devices, motor-driven electro-medical apparatus, electric/electronic toys, automatic dispensing machines as well as cine or slide projectors. Also included in the scope of this standard are: - separate parts of the above mentioned equipment such as motor, switching devices e.g. (power or protective) relays, however no emission requirements apply unless formulated in this standard. Excluded from the scope of this standard are: apparatus for which all emission requirements in the radio frequency range are explicitly formulated in other IEC or CISPR standards; - regulated controls and equipment with regulating controls incorporating semiconductor devices with a rated input current of more the 25 A per phase; - stand alone power supplies.