TTS/ISO 11193-2:2008

Single-Use Medical Examination Gloves - Part 2: Specification for Gloves Made from Poly (Vinyl Chloride)

Subject Area Consumer Products
Year of Declaration 2009
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 11.140; 83.140.99
Stage Current
Number of Pages 10
Price Available on request

Scope of this Standard

This part of ISO 11193 specifies requirements for packaged sterile, or bulked non-sterile, poly(vinyl chloride) gloves intended for use in medical examinations, and diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, to protect the patient and the user from cross-contamination. It also covers poly(vinyl chloride) gloves intended for use in handling contaminated medical materials. This part of ISO 11193 is intended as a reference for the performance and safety of poly(vinyl chloride) examination gloves. The safe and proper usage of examination gloves and sterilization procedures with subsequent handling, packaging and storage procedures are outside the scope of ISO 11193-2:2006.

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