TTS/ISO 4180-2:2008

Complete, Filled Transport Packages - General Rules for the Compilation of Performance Test Schedules - Part 2: Quantitative Data

Subject Area Mechanical Equipment and Packaging
Year of Declaration 2008
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 55.020.00
Stage Withdrawn
Number of Pages 15
Price TT $559.00

Scope of this Standard

Establishes general rules to be used for the compilation of performance test schedules for complete, filled transport packages intended for use within any distribution system, whether transported by road, rail, sea, air or inland waterway, or by a combination of these modes of transport. ISO 4180/1 states the general principles entailed in compiling test schedules. It also gives the factors to be considered in assessing the criteria of acceptance of such packages after they have been subjected to a package performance test schedule. This part incorporates all the quantitative data necessary to establish test intensities and other quantitative features of test schedules. The two parts are intended to be read in conjunction with one another.

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