TTS/ISO 6330:2008

Textiles - Domestic Washing and Drying Procedures for Textile Testing

Subject Area Textiles
Year of Declaration 2008
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 59.080.01
Stage Current
Number of Pages 13
Price Available on request

Scope of this Standard

Specifies domestic washing and drying procedures for textile testing. The procedures are applicable to textile fabrics, garments or other textile articles which are subjected to appropriate combinations of domestic washing and drying procedures. Provision is made for: a) ten different washing procedures based on the use of a horizontal drum, front-loading type of machine (type A washer) or b) eleven procedures based on the use of a top-loading agitator type of machine (type B washer). The results obtained with the two types of machine may not be comparable. Each washing procedure represents a single domestic wash. This International Standard also specifies five drying procedures: A-Line dry, B-Drip dry, C-Flat dry, D-Flat press, E-Tumble dry. A complete test consists of a washing and drying procedure.

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