TTS 166:2013

Architectural Coatings - Water-Borne Paints - Specification

Subject Area Chemistry
Year of Declaration 2013
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 87.060.01
Stage Current
Number of Pages 15
Price TT $96.00 + VAT

Scope of this Standard

This standard prescribes requirements for water-borne paints, for interior and exterior applications intended for use in Trinidad and Tobago. Included are requirements for the properties of liquid paint, application properties, performance properties (after application), test methods and labelling. This standard applies to water-borne paints for use as architectural coatings. This standard does not apply to: a) paints for use as industrial coatings; b) solvent-borne paints; c) varnishes; d) stains; e) putties; and f) textured coatings.

Legal Notice of Declaration: