TTS 22-2:2014

Requirements for Tourist Accommodation - Part 2: Bed & Breakfast and Self-Catering Facilities (1st Revision)

Subject Area Tourism
Year of Declaration 2014
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 03.080.30
Stage Current
Number of Pages 26
Price TT $136.00 + VAT

Scope of this Standard

1.1 This Trinidad and Tobago Standard provides the minimum requirements for Bed & Breakfast and self-catering facilities and includes requirements for: a) legal obligations; b) operations; c) safety and security; d) parking facilities; e) reception and guest facilities; and f) health and sanitation. 1.2 This standard does not apply to: a) hotels and guesthouses; b) private residences or apartments rented for periods exceeding 3 months; and c) premises used exclusively for the accommodation of persons in religious, educational or charitable organizations.

Legal Notice of Declaration: