TTS 22-3:2011

Requirements for Tourist Accommodation - Part 3: Villas

Subject Area Tourism
Year of Declaration 2011
Status Voluntary
Stage Current
Number of Pages 36
Price TT $136.00 + VAT

Scope of this Standard

This Trinidad and Tobago Standard specifies the minimum requirements for villas which are leased or rented for tourism services operating in Trinidad and Tobago. This standard includes requirements for: a) safety and security; b) parking facilities; c) reception and guest facilities; d) health and sanitation; and e) conservation and sustainability. This standard specifies legal and operational requirements for villa operators in Trinidad and Tobago. This standard does not apply to: a) hotels and guest houses; b) villas that are rented for events; c) private residences or apartments rented for periods exceeding three months or d) premises used exclusively for the accommodation of persons in religious, educational or charitable organizations.

Legal Notice of Declaration: