TTS 412:2015

Steelpan - Terminology

Subject Area Tourism
Year of Declaration 2015
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 01.040.97
Stage Current
Number of Pages 30
Price TT $136.00 + VAT

Scope of this Standard

This Standard defines common terms that are unique to the steelpan industry. It includes terms related to:
a) instruments;
b) manufacturing;
c) personnel and performance; and
d) accessories and facilities.

NOTE 1: This terminology standard is categorized into four sub-clauses which groups the similar terms into each area and are not alphabetized. An alphabetical list of terms is provided in Annex C.

NOTE 2: This standard is not intended to impose unnecessary restrictions on design, construction and testing of steelpan instruments, on the use of other materials, or on the development of other methods of manufacture.

Additional Information:

Replaces: TTS 412:1992

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