TTS 551:1998

Specification for Rotationally Moulded Polyethylene Water Storage Tanks

Subject Area Construction Products
Year of Declaration 1998
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 23.020.10
Stage Current
Number of Pages 17
Price TT $96.00 + VAT

Scope of this Standard

This standard covers flat-bottomed water storage tanks of circular cross-section manufactured from unreinforced polyethylene by the process of rotational moulding. Included are requirements for physical characteristics, dimensions, materials, performance, testing, marking and labelling. These specifications apply to tanks intended for: (a) the storage of potable water at normal atmospheric pressure; (b) installation and use at environmental or service temperatures such that the material of the tank remains between 15 degrees C and 80 degrees C; and (c) vertical, above-ground installation on fixed, flat, fully-supporting bases.

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