TTS 571:2014

Recreational Dive - Requirements for Operation of Facilities

Subject Area Tourism
Year of Declaration 2014
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 97.220.40
Stage Current
Number of Pages 25
Price TT $96.00 + VAT

Scope of this Standard

This standard specifies minimum requirements for recreational SCUBA diving operations in Trinidad and Tobago. It includes requirements for the following: a) safety and operational procedures for recreational diving facilities b) organized and guided dive tours; c) requirements for equipment provided by dive operators; d) specifications for the care and maintenance of equipment; e) training and education as it relates to diving and dive equipment; and f) responsible marketing This standard applies to business operations providing recreational SCUBA diving services to clients. This standard does not apply to operations offering: a) snorkelling (only) activities; b) commercial diving services; or c) specialty diving services such as underwater hunting (including spear fishing). NOTE During SCUBA diving, the use of spear guns for protection or the control of invasive species is acceptable; however, spear fishing is not encouraged because it is deemed detrimental to marine life.

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