TTS 579:2018

Tour Guiding Services - Requirements (1st Revision)

Subject Area Tourism
Year of Declaration 2018
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 03.200.00
Stage Current
Number of Pages 17
Price TT $ 96.00 + VAT

Scope of this Standard

This standard specifies minimum requirements for tour guiding services. Included are requirements for:
a) training;
b) roles, responsibilities, and duties;
c) appearance and conduct;
d) pre-tour activities;
e) conduct of tours;
f) post-tour activities;
g) equipment care and maintenance; and
h) complaints handling and records.
This standard does not specifies requirements for tour operators.

NOTE At the time of development for this standard, the requirements for tour operators were specified in TTS 580: 2009, Tour Operators - Specification.

Additional Information:

Superseded: TTS 579:2009

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