TTS 598:2012

Cold Formed Steel Framing Members for Structural Applications - Specification

Subject Area Construction Products
Year of Declaration 2012
Status Compulsory
ICS Number 77.140.50
Stage Withdrawn
Number of Pages 26
Price TT $136.00 + VAT

Scope of this Standard

This standard specifies requirements for cold formed steel framing members for use in structural applications such as in the framing of roofs and walls. Included are requirements for the steel sheet, sectional parameters, member characteristics, sampling, testing, labelling and criteria for acceptance. This standard applies to framing members manufactured from steel sheets, zinc or aluminium-zinc alloy coated by the hot-dip method and of steel base thicknesses from 1.00 mm to 3.00 mm.

NOTE: Structural elements for which framing members are used include wall elements such as girts, studs and runners, and roof elements such as purlins and truss chords.

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To be Replaced by: TTS 598:2019, Cold-formed steel framing members for structural applications - Specification (1st Revision)

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