TTS 599:2006

Guide to the Design and Construction of Small Buildings

Subject Area Construction Codes
Year of Declaration 2006
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 91.040.30
Stage Current
Number of Pages 173
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Scope of this Standard

1.1 This standard provides guidelines and establishes minimum requirements for the design and construction of small buildings including specific provisions for foundations, columns, beams, walls, floors, and roofs. Included are requirements for structural integrity, occupancy, health, safety, and mitigation measures to minimize the impact of hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding. Conventional design, engineering design parameters and basic construction materials are also dealt with.
1.2 The provisions apply to buildings for single or multiple-family residential, or general purpose use, comprising not more than two storeys and with a gross floor area of three hundred square metres (300 m2) or less.
1.3 The provisions relate to the location, design, construction, alteration, movement, enlargement, repair, equipping, occupancy, use, maintenance, removal and demolition of structures classified as small buildings in accordance with Clause 1.2 .
NOTE Sufficient detail is provided to allow for the adequate preparation of plans for buildings under normal environmental conditions. The designer or builder is advised to seek assistance from registered professionals for the design or construction of - buildings intended for special use; - buildings in conditions not considered to be normal environmental conditions; and - buildings of size or complexity which falls outside the scope of this standard.
1.4 These provisions are intended for use by persons with knowledge and experience in the design and construction of buildings. In addition, it is assumed that all designs will be submitted to the relevant statutory agencies for approval. NOTE It is expected that the regulatory agencies will deal with applications for building development on the basis of adherence to the requirements of this document.
1.5 These provisions are not intended to prevent the use of methods of design, types of materials or types of construction, as alternates to those detailed in the document. Such alternates may be utilized based on approval from the relevant statutory agency.
NOTE Where alternative design methods, types of materials or types of construction are proposed, it is expected that an assessment of adequacy will be made on the basis that the alternative will result in a level of safety and sufficiency at least equal to that obtained by following the requirements detailed in this document.

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