TTS 601:2007

Plastic Chairs - Performance Requirements

Subject Area Mechanical Equipment and Packaging
Year of Declaration 2007
Status Compulsory
ICS Number 83.080.01
Stage Withdrawn
Number of Pages 4
Price TT $200.00

Scope of this Standard

These requirements establish nationally recognized performance requirements for Class A (residential) and Class B (nonresidential) plastic chairs intended for outdoor use. While this standard specifies requirements for chairs designed for outdoor use, such chairs may also be used indoors. These requirements apply to new chairs. These requirements are not applicable to chaises, multipositional chairs, upholstered chairs, or other types of furniture. These requirements cover the physical performance of product regarding the aspects of outdoor weathering, impact, static load and rear leg testing. Products may be manufactured from recycled plastics as long as the performance requirements are met. Metric values shall be used throughout this standard. Where imperial values are used they are for information only.