TTS 606:2010

Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) - Specification

Subject Area Telecommunications
Year of Declaration 2010
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 33.100
Stage Current
Number of Pages 8
Price TT $96.00 + VAT

Scope of this Standard

This standard specifies the characteristics of transmit-only and transmit-and-receive Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSATs) in the 11/12/14 GHz frequency bands and operating as part of a satellite network. This standard applies to the VSAT with its ancillary equipment and its various terrestrial ports and operated under the conditions which are within the ranges of humidity, temperature and supply voltage declared by the manufacturer. The VSAT equipment considered in this standard comprises: a). the outdoor unit, composed of the antenna sub-system and associated power amplifier and Low Noise Block (LNB); and the indoor unit, composed of the remaining part of the communication chain, including the cable between these two units. This standard does not contain any requirements on the installation of VSATs.

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