TTS 76:PART 20:2015

Requirements for Labelling - Part 20: Labelling of Refrigerant Containers

Subject Area Mechanical Equipment and Packaging
Year of Declaration 2015
Status Compulsory
ICS Number 77.100.45
Stage Current
Number of Pages 11
Price TT $96.00 + VAT

Scope of this Standard

This National Standard specifies the labelling requirements for: a) re-fillable and non-refillable refrigerant containers; and b) recovery refrigerant containers. This National Standard does not specify labelling requirements for: 1) domestic, commercial and industrial refrigeration units; 2) domestic, commercial, industrial and vehicular air conditioning units; and 3) products which utilize refrigerants or their substitutes such as aerosol sprays, foam products, cleaning solvents, halon-based firefighting equipment and fumigation products.

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