TTS 76:PART 3:2007

Requirements for Labelling - Part 3: Labelling of Garments (2nd Revision)

Subject Area Textiles
Year of Declaration 2007
Status Compulsory
ICS Number 61.020.00
Stage Current
Number of Pages 10
Price TT $96.00 + VAT

Scope of this Standard

Applies to the labelling of all garments offered for sale in Trinidad and Tobago. It is applicable to the labelling of all types of garments, whether made of textile, plastics, plastic-coated fabric, suede or grain, leather, furs or any combination of these materials, including school uniforms, hosiery, neckwear, headgear, fashion gloves, mittens and mitts, cloth diapers, handkerchiefs, swim wear and waterproof rain wear. Although labelling requirements outlined herein applies, this standard does not prescribe requirements for labelling of: a) children's nightclothes for fire hazard; or
b) personal protective wear for performance and other requirements.

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