TTS 76:PART 7:2008

Textiles - Labelling and Advertising - Requirements (1st Revision)

Subject Area Textiles
Year of Declaration 2008
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 59.080.10
Stage Current
Number of Pages 7
Price TT $96.00 + VAT

Scope of this Standard

This standard prescribes the requirements for the labelling and advertising of textiles and certain consumer textile products: It applies to: a) textiles with labels affixed to them, sold at retail or wholesale outlets;
b) household textile articles;
c) textile goods used in institutions and households;
d) textiles sold by length (including narrow fabrics);
e) articles used for stuffing, filling, padding, threads and cordage and
f) the description of textiles used in advertisement.
The standard does not apply to:
a) the labelling of garments, hair pieces and all other items of wearing apparel, costumes, accessories and fents;
b) a textile product that is sold to a government or statutory agency or to an educational or religious institution, where the purchaser has specified the textile or fibres to be supplied;
c) any textile article sold with a clear indication that it is a remnant, irregular, second, reject, damaged or secondhand;
d) thread packaged for industrial users ; and
e) textile products sold to any individual or any organization under a contractual agreement.

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