TTS/IEC 60969:2008

Self-Ballasted Lamps for General Lighting Services - Performance Requirements

Subject Area Electrical Products
Year of Declaration 2008
Status Compulsory
ICS Number 29.140.30
Stage Current
Number of Pages 4
Price Available on request

Scope of this Standard

Specifies the performance requirements together with the test methods and conditions required to show compliance of tubular fluorescent and other gas-discharge lamps with integrated means for controlling starting and stable operation (self-ballasted lamps) intended for domestic and similar general lighting purposes having: - a rated wattage up to 60 W; - a rated voltage of 100 V to 250 V; -Edison screw or bayonet caps. The requirements of this standard relate only to type testing. Recommendations for whole product testing or batch testing are under consideration. These performance requirements are additional to the requirements in IEC 60968.

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