TTS/IEC CISPR 14-2:2007

Electromagnetic Compatibility - Requirements for Household Appliances, Electric Tools and Similar Apparatus - Part 2: Immunity - Product Family Standard

Subject Area Telecommunications
Year of Declaration 2007
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 33.100.20
Stage Withdrawn
Number of Pages 39
Price TT $250.00

Scope of this Standard

This standard deals with the electromagnetic immunity of appliances and similar apparatus for household and similar purposes that use electricity, as well as electric toys and electric tools, the rated voltage of the apparatus being more that 250 V for single-phase apparatus to be connected to phase and neutral, and 480 V for other apparatus. Apparatus may incorporate motors, heating elements or their combination, may contain electric or electronic circuitry, and may be powered by the mains, by transformer, by batteries, or by any other electrical power source. Apparatus not intended for household use, but which nevertheless may require the immunity level, such as apparatus intended to be used by laymen in shops, in light industry and on farms, are within the scope of this standard, as far as they are included in CISPR 14, and in addition: - microwave oven for domestic use and catering; - cooking hobs and cooking ovens, heated by means of r.f.. energy (single-and multiple-zone) induction cooking appliances; - appliances for personal care equipped with radiators in the range from UV to IR, inclusive (this includes visible light). This standard does not apply to: -equipment for lighting purposes; - apparatus designed exclusively for heavy industrial purposes; - apparatus intended to be part of the fixed electrical installation of buildings (such as fuses, circuit breakers, cables and switches); - apparatus intendee to be used in locations where special electromagnetic conditions prevail, such as the presence of high e.m. fields (e.g. in the vicinity of a broadcast transmitting station), or where high pulses occur on the power network (such as in a power generator station); - radio and television receivers audio and video equipment and electronic music instruments other than toys; - medical electrical appliances; - personal computers and similar equipment other than toys; -radio transmitters; - apparatus designed to be used exclusively in vehicles; - babies surveillance systems. Immunity requirements in the frequency range 0 Hz to 400 GHz are covered. The effects of electromagnetic phenomena relating to the safety of apparatus are excluded from this standard and are covered by other standards, e.g. IEC 60335. Abnormal operation of the apparatus (such as simulated faults in the electric circuitry for testing purposes) is not taken into consideration. The object of this standard is to specify the immunity requirements for apparatus defined in the scope in relation to continuous and transient, conducted and radiated electromagnetic disturbances, including electrostatic discharges. These requirements represent essential electromagnetic compatibility immunity requirements.