TTS/ISO 13934-1:2008

Textiles - Tensile Properties of Fabrics - Part 1: Determination of Maximum Force and Elongation at Maximum Force Using the Strip Method

Subject Area Textiles
Year of Declaration 2008
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 59.080.30
Stage Current
Number of Pages 13
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Scope of this Standard

Specifies a procedure to determine the maximum force and elongation at maximum force of textile fabrics using a strip method. This method is mainly applicable to woven textile fabrics. It can be applicable to fabrics produced by other techniques. It is not normally applicable to woven elastic fabrics, geotextiles, nonwovens, coated fabrics, textile-glass woven fabrics made from carbon fibres or polyolefin tape yarns (see annex C). The method specifies the determination of the maximum force and elongation at maximum force of test specimens in equilibrium with the standard atmosphere for testing and of test specimens in the wet state. The method is restricted to the use of constant rate of extension (CRE) testing machines

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