TTS/ISO 14064-3:2009

Greenhouse Gases - Part 3: Specification with Guidance for the Validation and Verification of Greenhouse Gas Assertions

Subject Area Environment
Year of Declaration 2009
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 13.020.40
Stage Current
Number of Pages 34
Price Available on request

Scope of this Standard

This part of ISO 14064 specifies principles and requirements and provides guidance for those conducting or managing the validation and/or verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) assertions. It can be applied to organizational or GHG project quantification, including GHG quantification, monitoring and reporting carried out in accordance with ISO 14064-1 or ISO 14064-2. This part of ISO 14064 specifies requirements for selecting GHG validators/verifiers, establishing the level of assurance, objectives, criteria and scope, determining the validation/verification approach, assessing GHG data, information, information systems and controls, evaluating GHG assertions and preparing validation/verification statements. ISO 14064 is GHG programme neutral. If a GHG programme is applicable, requirement of that GHG programme are additional to the requirements of ISO 14064.

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