TTS/ISO 3205:2009

Preferred Test Temperatures

Subject Area Metrology
Year of Declaration 2009
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 19.020.00
Stage Withdrawn
Number of Pages 2
Price TT $200.00

Scope of this Standard

The aim is the rationalize, harmonize and simplify the choice of temperatures in the future. In drawing up test methods and specifications, the temperatures chosen should as far as possible, be taken from these preferred temperatures. It is permissible nevertheless to use other temperatures when this is considered essential for technical reasons. At list of additional temperatures taken from international technical documents is given in an annex. These temperatures either represent existing practice or are chosen to meet particular technical needs. It is hoped for the future that consideration will be given to using the temperatures given in the lists in clause 2 as far as technical considerations permit when revising international documents. If no technically suitable temperatures exists in the lists in clause 2, consideration should next be given to temperatures in related fields in the list in the annex.

Legal Notice of Declaration: