TTS/ISO 7211-2:2008

Textiles - Woven Fabrics - Construction - Part 2 - Methods of Analysis - Determination of Number of Threads Per Unit Length

Subject Area Textiles
Year of Declaration 2008
Status Voluntary
ICS Number 59.080.30
Stage Current
Number of Pages 6
Price Available on request

Scope of this Standard

Specifies three methods for the determination of the number of threads per centimetre in woven fabrics. Any of the three methods may be used, the choice depending on the character of the fabric. However, in case of dispute method A is recommended. Method A: Dissection of fabric, suitable for all fabrics. The most laborious method but has fewer limitations than the others; in particular, it is the only one that is really suitable for the examination of certain folded structures and other complicated weaves. Method B: Counting glass, suitable for woven fabrics with more than 50 threads per centimetre. Method C: Traversing thread counter, suitable fro all fabrics. Where the number of thread counter, suitable for all fabrics.

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