TTS/UL 507: 2009

Electric Fans

Subject Area Electrical Products
Year of Declaration 2009
Status Compulsory
ICS Number 23.120.00
Stage Current
Number of Pages 198
Price Available on request

Scope of this Standard

These requirements cover: Fans and blowers that circulate air, such as desk, ceiling-suspended, and hassock fans; Fans and blowers that ventilate air, such as attic, whole-house window, through wall, and direct discharge fans; c) Ducted fans and blowers that exhaust air to the outside of a building structure, such as in-line, wall insert and ceiling insert fans; d) Dryer type fans used for drying carpets or floors; e) Household and commercial blower inflator type fans except as noted in 1.8(k); f) Evaporative coolers; g) Evaporative cooler replacement pumps; h) Air-filtering appliances; i) Component fans; j) Low voltage component fans; k) Residential cooking area fans, such as rangehoods and downdrafts; l) Hand dryers without heater; and m) Recirculating and blending units except as noted in 1.8(h). These products are rated 600 volts or less and are intended to be employed in accordance with TTS 171: Part 1: Trinidad and Tobago Electrical Wiring Code: Part 1: Low voltage installations (including Amendment 1 (2007)).

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