TTS/UL 73: 2009

Motor-Operated Appliances

Subject Area Electrical Products
Year of Declaration 2009
Status Compulsory
ICS Number 97.040.50
Stage Current
Number of Pages 80
Price Available on request

Scope of this Standard

These requirements cover motor-operated appliances to be employed in accordance with TTS 171: Part 1: Trinidad and Tobago Electrical Wiring Code: Part 1: Low Voltage installations (including Amendment 1 (2007)) . These requirements also cover small utilization appliances, such as vibrators in which motion of an operating part is produced by electrical means. These requirements do not cover appliances rated more than 600 V; nor do they cover appliances involving universal motors rated more than 250 V. These requirements do not cover equipment intended particularly for the control of electric motors; separator motors; nor electric clocks, fans, clothes dryers, washing machines, hair dryers, tools, waste disposers, dishwashers, office appliances and business equipment, refrigerators, air conditioners, vending and amusement machines, hair clippers and shavers, snow movers, automotive and garage equipment, or other motor-operated appliances that are covered by individual requirements. An appliance that utilizes some other source of energy, such as gas or steam, in addition to electric energy will be investigated under these requirements and under such additional requirements as are applicable to the appliance under consideration.

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