TTS 69:2012

Steel Sheets - Zinc and Aluminium-Zinc Alloy Coated - Profiled for Roofing and General Purposes - Specification (1st Revision)

Subject Area Construction Products
Year of Declaration 2012
Status Compulsory
ICS Number 77.140.50
Stage Withdrawn
Number of Pages 35
Price TT $136.00 + VAT

Scope of this Standard

This standard specifies minimum requirements for profiled steel sheets coated with zinc or aluminium-zinc and used primarily for roofing applications. It covers requirements for base metal thickness, coating mass, coating adhesion and mechanical performance. Also included are requirements for dimensions, squareness and labelling. Guidance on commonly used profiles is provided for information only.

This standard applies to unpainted profiled steel sheets of base thicknesses ranging from 0.35 mm to 1.0 mm which are hot-dip coated with zinc or aluminium-zinc alloy.

NOTE 1: Profiled steel sheets are cut to specified lengths for use in roofing and general purpose applications and may be manufactured as pre-painted or pre-coated sheets. See annex H for commonly used organic coatings.

NOTE 2: At the time of the formulation of this standard, a companion standard for pre-painted roofing sheets was not yet completed.

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To be Replaced by: TTS 69:2019, Profiled steel sheets for roofing and siding applications - Specification (2nd Revision)

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