TTS 69:2019

Profiled steel sheets for roofing and siding applications - Specification (2nd Revision)

Subject Area Construction Products
Year of Declaration 2019
Status Compulsory
ICS Number 77.140.50
Stage Current
Number of Pages 24
Price TT $96.00 + V.A.T.

Scope of this Standard

This standard specifies minimum requirements for metallic-coated steel sheets profiled for roofing and siding applications. It includes requirements for:
a) plain sheet characteristics including base metal thickness, tensile strength and yield strength;
b) metallic coating characteristics including coating type and coating mass;
c) paint coating characteristics including resistance to colour change and chalking;
d) profiled sheet dimensional characteristics including length, squareness, and tolerances;
e) labelling; and
f) compliance (see Annex A).

This standard applies to unpainted and pre-painted profiled steel sheets of minimum base metal thickness of 0.40 mm (with applied tolerances outlined in Table 1) which are hot-dip coated with zinc, aluminium-zinc or aluminium-zinc-magnesium alloy.

This standard does not apply to other construction products made by the cold forming of steel sheets such as furring channels and load bearing products including floor decking sheets and purlins.

NOTE: Profiled steel sheets may be produced from pre-painted or unpainted coils. Current industry practices include the production of sheets in certain standardized lengths and also customized lengths, and on-site roll-forming of sheets.

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To Supersede: TTS 69:2012, Steel Sheets - Zinc and Aluminium-Zinc Alloy Coated - Profiled for Roofing and General Purposes - Specification (1st Revision)

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